In the current economic environment, consultants like us have to have the ability to deal with the corporate needs when they expand to other latitudes participating of a globalized world. This expansion implies an important communication effort with local providers of legal services, market analysis, personnel recruitment and, more important, with potential customers and strategic partners with experience in that specific market strengthening the company’s good will and the impact of the investment.

Achieving these goals not only challenges our knowledge in international trade and all other topics mentioned above, but also requires us to be prepared for changes, solve problems that are beyond the borders, and creatively coordinate all necessary support to open new markets in any country around the world.

I am convinced that international consultants are called to clearly understand the minds of international entrepreneurs to reach true understanding of the business context and create high-value solutions facilitating and enhancing trade dynamics, which ultimately is the goal for 9Alliance®.

Bhagwant Rattan

Pilar Rattan

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